Welcome to ICoN4: the 4th International Conference on Nitrification and Related Processes. I am pleased to be your host from June 28-July 1, 2015 at the beautiful University of Alberta campus in the northern city of Edmonton, Alberta Canada. The Scientific Advisory Committee has put together a stellar program covering a range of topics related to the global Nitrogen cycle, intersection between nitrogen and other elemental cycles, and applications of knowledge from basic research to technological innovation to environmental application. On behalf of the SAC and my team at the University of Alberta, we look forward to your abstract submission and participation. Also remember that Edmonton and Alberta are home to awe-inspiring national parks, world-class paleontological collections, family-friendly festivals, and many other attractions. Abstract submission and registration are OPEN. We expect all attendees to submit an abstract for presentation. Please follow the links under the buttons on this website. See you in Edmonton!


–Dr. Lisa Y. Stein, Conference Chair


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