Important Information

Thank you, ICoN4 attendees for another excellent meeting!


SPEAKERS:  Samik Bagchi, Annette Bollmann, Ariane Brotto, Nicolas Brüggemann, Holger Daims, Hongyue Dang, Naomi de Almeida, Jidong Gu, Sara Hallin, Kerim Kits, Jessica Kozlowski, Riks Laanbroek, Susanne Lackner, Jessica Lisa, Sebastian Lücker, Brett Mellbye, David Myrold, Graeme Nicol, Jeanette Norton, Satoshi Okabe, Jenny Onley, Nathaniel Ostrom, A. Andrew Pacheco, Sung-Keun Rhee, Christa Schleper, Eva Spieck, David Stahl, Marc Strous, Bongkeun Song, Akihiko Terada, Michael Wagner, Bess Ward, Sukhwan Yoon, Yiyong Zhou, Xia Zhu

Keynote Lectures: Dr. David A. Stahl (Univ. Washington) and Dr. Michael Wagner (Univ. Vienna)

Session Topics:

  • N-Cycle Ecogenomics
  • N-Cycle Ecology and Niche Differentiation
  • Biotic/Abiotic Processes of the N-Cycle
  • Diversity and Modularity of N-Cycle Processes
  • Engineered Environments
  • Anaerobic Processes of the N-Cycle

Early Investigator and Graduate Student Workshop: June 28

Opening reception for workshop and early arrivals: June 27, 7-10 PM

Sponsors: US-DOE BER/BSSD, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, International Society for Microbial Ecology, Univ. Alberta Faculty of Science





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