Scientific Organizing Council

Scientific Organizing Council of the International Nitrification Network:

Dr. Martin G. Klotz, University of North Carolina, Charlotte USA

Prof. dr. ir. Mike S.M. Jetten, Radboud University, Nijmegen The Netherlands

Dr. Yuichi Suwa, Chuo University, Tokyo Japan

Dr. Lisa Y. Stein, University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada

Dr. Michael Wagner, University of Vienna, Vienna Austria

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  3. It plays a vital role in organizing scientific events and fostering research collaboration. They contribute to the advancement of knowledge and facilitate discussions among experts. For those pursuing an msc project management research topics, the Council can provide valuable guidance on research topics, helping to explore innovative methodologies and the impact of emerging technologies.

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  6. It stands for Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. CSIR is an important organization amongst Indian scientific research organizations. If your grievance emanates from a contract, you will have to file a suit – like suit for Specific Performance, reviews or damages for breach of contract.

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